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At HRE we look to challenge the standards of our engineering with every build, whether this be in engine design, quality control or customer service. We are continuously learning and improving how we approach every new build with our on going development and love for race engines. Please email us your request and we can begin to piece together your next engine project. info@hre.co.nz

Check out our Race Programs page for info regarding build processes and what we can offer.


Below are some examples of our work   

Toyota 1UZ Superstock

Turn Key engine packages available, contact for details

Ground up HRE developed custom built engine to suit SNZ rules. This development process involved every engine components top to bottom, from dry sump systems, intake manifolds, port design and flow, piston/rod/stroke ratios and orientation, every aspect looked into and understood. With many days on the dyno the learning in this project has taught the HRE team valuable lessons that we now bring into every new build. 

3SGE Road/Race

Built with pump gas restrictions. Flow benched developed head with 320+bhp flow numbers on race gas - Reduced inlet port size, over sized valves and high flow seat work.  


  • HRE inlet/exhaust porting (flow bench developed)

  • Kelford - cams, springs and titanium retainers 

  • Genuine Toyota parts used throughout 

  • Standard piston/rod at 10.5:1 

  • 50mm ITB 

  • HRE Custom headers 

4AGE NA small port head package

​Getting the complete HRE treatment this 4age head package was built around a broad usable power curve, taking advantage of the small port head we selected a valve that worked well with the port area retaining air speed and velocity as having a wide power curve was essential. 


  • HRE inlet/exhaust porting

  • Over size Formula Atlantic valves

  • New Inserts to suit valve size 

  • High flow seat cut 

  • Bronze guides 

  • Ti retainers 

  • Double valve springs

  • YouTube

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