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With over one year in development, the HRE Toyota 1UZ Superstock Engine is ready for the track, boasting 510hp and 378ftlbs of torque (in S2 form). Power delivery has been engineered to suit Speedway racing with a broad power curve. Peak torque is reached at 6250rpm and peak HP at only 7700rpm, making for a very easy engine to drive. The HRE Superstock Race Program was made to challenge the standards, you can read more here about what we can offer you as a complete race package.


You will find stage options available to suit your budget with future upgrades possible from S1 to S2 engine specs as you desire (details in below tabs). If you are after something more, 1UZ or custom one-off race engines can be built to suit other classes, check out our Custom engine build page.


Maximum build time is 3 months from receipt of down payment, you will be kept informed regarding engine status throughout the build with regular updates.


Your engine will be covered by our limited workmanship warranty, you can read more about this here.


A rebuild price estimate of $5,000+gst is expected after first season of racing, additional engine wear will be assessed case by case.


International shipping cost will priced per job


Exhaust headers not included but can be made on request


Engine may slightly deviate from photos due to continued development of our products

Toyota 1UZ Superstock Race Engine

    • Toyota 1UZ vvti 
    • (S1) 244ci (4.0L
    • (S2) 248ci (4.064L)
    • 10.0:1 compression ratio 
    • Carbureted Fueling (avgas)
    • Built to New Zealand Speedway rules (sealed engined)
    • 501hp 378ftlbs (S2 Spec)